Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Kiwi?

No, not the fruit. Kiwi is the slang term to describe someone from New Zealand, here's what Wikipedia has to say about it:
The word Kiwi has multiple meanings:

In connection with New Zealand
Kiwi - any of several species of flightless bird native to New Zealand. All of the following are named after these birds:
Kiwi (people) - a colloquial term for the people of New Zealand.
Kiwiana - a collective term for New Zealand's various national symbols and icons, especially when presented in a kitsch or folk art manner.
Kiwi Dollar (NZD) - New Zealand's floating dollar.
Kiwibank, a bank owned by New Zealand Post.
KiwiSAT, the first New Zealand built satellite.
Kiwi Airlines, defunct New Zealand airline, based in Hamilton, and operating between 1994 and 1996.
Kiwis (rugby league) - the New Zealand national rugby league team.
Kiwi (horse) - a New Zealand racehorse, winner of 1983 Melbourne Cup.
Bulford Kiwi - a geoglyph of a kiwi carved in the chalk created by New Zealand soldiers awaiting repatriation following the end of World War I.
HMNZS Kiwi, two vessels of the Royal New Zealand Navy.
The word Kiwi, used to describe people, is usually capitalised. The bird's name is spelt with a lower-case k (excepting, of course, when the rules of grammar state otherwise) and, being a word of Māori origin, normally stays as kiwi when a plural is formed. Thus, two Kiwi = two people, whereas two kiwi = two birds.

I love to read blogs on a bunch of different topics. And with more time to spare this summer (I am a teacher with the summer off work), I have some blogs that I like to read up on. I may not have much interesting stuff to blog about but I decided to create my own if I ever feel the inspiration to write about something. Mostly it may just be about my kids and family.
I am originally from New Zealand, but Texas is home now - I have lived here for 9 years. We try to make trips to NZ as often as possible (every 1-2 years).

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