Saturday, June 23, 2012

More summertime home improvements

We got something taken care of that has been needed since we moved in over 3 years ago. We knew there was a leak under the sink, there was some moisture under there, but we also knew a professional was needed to come in and take care of it properly as it was behind the cabinet wall under the sink.
Of course we could see it was even worse once the wall was opened up. What had happened, maybe even when the house was first built (1995) a contractor had shot a nail into one of the copper pipes going through the 2 by 4 piece of wood, so water had been slowly dripping out into the wall for years. So first of all we had plumbers come in and re-do all the piping, then another contractor come in and replace all the rotted wood, and replace the sheetrock, do the wall texture and put in a new baseboard.


Bigger hole in the wall but work in progress getting cleaned up

looking better already - with new baseboard and wall texture

but much better with a fresh coat of white paint.

a couple of months ago I sold my old iron bar stools and replaced them with these wooden ones from Walmart

I found these cool blue pitchers at Ross for about $6 each. I love them because they are like old vintage style fiestaware and bauer pottery.

love my fiestaware and other colorful dishes. I'm putting the start of a little collection of green planters on the top of the cabinets for a change

Also a couple of weeks ago I got a new pendant light fixture for above the sink. This was one of the easy kits you can just take out the light bulb and screw into the recessed light fixture.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Painted bathroom

On my "to do" list this summer is some painting around the house.  I started a couple of weeks ago painting the downstairs bathroom, just my favorite gray color and fresh white paint on the baseboards.  The kids bathroom has been the same since we moved in with no updates except for adding knobs to the cabinets.

When asked their opinion, their biggest request is NOT GRAY!   and NOT WHITE!   I guess I have been painting most everything those colors?

I found this picture below on Pinterest a couple of days ago, image originally from here

Pinned Image

I loved the color of this painted cabinet, but as to their request of not white walls, I gave Thomas my Sherwin williams paint fan deck, and the card he picked included the color "Grand canal" which was similar to the color in the picture above.
For the wall color I went with the lightest shade on the card - called "Buoyant blue".

Here are some BEFORE pictures, just a pretty boring bathroom, white cabinets and gold color walls.

(sorry, not the best pictures, no natural light in here, it looks much better in person, but you should get the idea)

fun new shower curtain from Target.  The other things on the wall I just moved in here from other places in the house.

I had the paint mixed in this paint which I've used before on furniture (a lady at Lowes told me one time this was good paint for furniture).  I am going to also give the cabinet a coat of polyacrylic to seal it even better

and here's my downstairs gray bathroom.  Painting on the wall from a garage sale, vintage towel from Goodwill and vintage Haegar planter

SW6488 Grand Canal
SW6488 Grand Canal

Coolest Vintage store ever

Long time between posts here, but I have a few things to update around here, so more posts to come soon!   Our family just had a vacation getaway to Arkansas, and everyone was patient with my need to stop and check out some antique shops along the way.

My favorite was in Russellville, Arkansas - named "Funky Junky".

salt and pepper shakers anyone?

these pictures are not great (taken on my I phone).  I think my favorite thing about this place was how they had all the dishes and knick knacks on the shelves arranged by color

Here's my little haul from the week away from home....... mostly dishes, except for the brass owl bookend from Funky Junky!

I'm sharing this post at Treasure Hunt Thursday: