Sunday, February 27, 2011

Owl Cookie Jar

I saw this cookie jar in an antique shop a few weeks ago.  I love owls and I have collected them since I was a young girl.  At the time I saw it I was just not looking to buy something big.  But I had been thinking about going back to see if it was still there, so I dragged the family back with me on Saturday.

Here it is - matches perfectly with my corner cabinet that I painted last year.

with some thrift store dishes and fiestaware I've bought over the last few months......

 It does have a small chip near where the lid fits on the jar, but it just adds to the character of it I think :)

This cookie jar is marked "Poppytrail, California".  Most of the ones like it I've found online are selling for about $100 like this one and this.
I paid $25 for mine.

I never knew that cookie jars were so "collectable", but it seems like they really are:

Vintage Metlox Cookie Jar Prices
As is true of all collectibles the "law of supply and demand" controls prices, and Metlox cookie jars are no exception. Some of the more common jars, such as "Wise Owl" and "Puddles the Duck" can readily be found for under $50, while the harder to find jars like "Pinocchio" or "Drummer Boy" have been known to command prices in the $400 to $600 price range.
see here for more info.

With all my google searches for owl cookie jars, I found a blog dedicated to everything owl related, and one of the topics was owl cookie jars.

this one sells for $128
 and this one for $98 from Anthropologie

Anyway, these are pretty, but I still like mine better!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Original Art from Goodwill

Some of my favorite "art" I have found in the last few years from unexpected places - Goodwill and other antique shops.

This latest painting was only $2.99.
We have a dream of having a little cabin on our family farm sometime in the next few years, so this painting had a sentimental reason for the purchase.

This print I loved the frame and primed and painted over the print...... (it was only $5 from an antique shop), and is BIG - about 3.5 feet wide.  Not all "antique" shops are expensive, especially in small towns.
and now we have this framed chalkboard:
this is another original painting, I have no idea of the history behind it.  The detail is amazing.

These other ones below were from Goodwill too.

These pieces may not be the BEST art in the world, or have any monetary value at all, but I wonder what the story behind them all are, someone created these and they may have been many hours of work.  For whatever reason they were not wanted anymore, but they are appreciated in my house now.

Have you found any art at Goodwill lately?

New Antique store find

We found this trunk at an antique store, the booth was closing and everything was 40% off.  It was already painted this great color.

It's now a new home to our games.  This box lifts out and there is a lot more storage below

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cookie Time

Not much blogging going on around here lately, between work, school and other activities.  Kate has started softball season and Thomas karate.
The last couple of weeks involved picking up and distributing these Girl Scout cookies:

Now my living room is empty and clean again.

I do have some recent thrift store and antique finds to share soon.  The weather is getting warmer so that means more garage sales around here too on the weekends.