Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring break trip - Corpus Christi

Texas State Aquarium.

Dolphin show:

Padre Island beach

Fulton mansion

Windblown live oak trees

We found an area of antique shops in Corpus Christi

and picked up one little vintage treasure - this green planter from Haegar potteries


These azaleas were amazing this year, they must have loved the hot dry summer and fall we had, followed by a wet winter.

We had some pretty azaleas at out old house too, so let's turn back time a little, here is 2005:

and 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recent finds for the home

The rest of my family teases me about my "pillow collection", I just love new pillows though, and I'm happy with my blue and white ones on the couch.  The 2 matching ones I picked up a few weeks ago at IKEA, the floral / bird one is from Pottery Barn outlet (do you have a Pinterest account?  I pinned a picture of this pillow and I think it is the most "re-pinned" picture I have on there), and the chevron stripe one is from Target.

The fiestaware and vintage dish collection is my other little obsession.  I have been changing out the displays in this cabinet,  but right now it has the gray / blue theme going on.

I re-painted my foyer recently and like the reflection in the antique mirror - this was a $5 junk store find

Our little Emmy enjoying the sun.

I got this little black A letter for my office, it was already painted black.

I have been looking for a vintage globe for a while and finally bought one recently.  It has moved around to various places but at the moment it's at the top of the shelf in my office.

I've had a collection of the blue jars for a while and they have been in the kitchen, but I brought some into the office to use as frames for favorite pictures.
This art piece was from a goodwill in San Antonio.

the other side of my office, I have my green chairs all in here now.

And last weekend I found this little art piece at an antique shop for $3 (alongside it is a garage sale planter, I think it was 50c!)

and my latest piece to the fiestaware collection is this little teapot.  This gray color is not one of the original colors, but it is not that common to find as it was only made from 1999-2001.

I see I have not had a blog post since December, I will try to do more soon.  It's spring break for me and the kids, we are off to the beach tonight for a few days.