Sunday, May 30, 2010

Latest garage sale find

This is what I picked up this weekend.  I saw this dresser on my local online yard sale website for $40.  It said in fair condition and needs TLC, but I called and got the family in the car to go and look at it.  I loved the style and shape of it.  Just looking at the picture it looked smaller than it was in person - it is a good big size.  The drawers do not glide perfectly, but it is solid and very functional for it's new purpose (although in my house things get moved around a lot).  In this picture it looks gray, but it is really a nice creamy color.

Maybe it was just gray looking because it needed a good clean.........   Kate helped me and we used several lysol wipes and a magic eraser to get it good and clean for bringing in the house.

here it is in it's new home in our family room as our TV stand.  The deep drawers are the new storage space for scrapbooks and photo albums

I'm going to try and find a matching handle for the one missing one.
But bringing one new thing into the house it meant the rest of the day moving other things around.  I love old "shabby" furniture and this sure fits in.  The color is very similar to my kitchen cabinets.

And looks good with the gray wall color too.

This label was inside one of the top drawers
It says "The White Furniture Co, Estd. 1881, Mebane NC.

I found a little online about this furniture company, but couldn't find anything about this particular dresser, but I guess it is at least 50 years old?

I'm participating in the Thrifty Treasures party.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gone Fishing

Thomas turned 7 on Friday, this morning we took him down to the river and he tried his new fishing rod for the first time.  Did not catch a fish but he got the hang of throwing the lure out in the water and reeling it in.  We saw some snakes swimming.

Just 1 1/2 more weeks of school!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last weekend, little road trip

At Round Rock express baseball game.

Old houses in Smithville, Texas

This house below is from the movie "Hope Floats".  I was reading one of my favorite blogs Hooked on Houses a few weeks ago and have been through Smithville a few times, but wanted to check out some of houses and the downtown while we were on our way back to Houston from Austin.

we found a nice little park for the kids to play

and looked at the downtown area - it was Sunday morning so the shops were all closed or not yet open for the day 
Drove through Round Top, Texas too.  I hope to go back there for the antique fair in the fall.

Mommy, can you put this picture on blogger?

proud girl with her trophy - her team lost their championship game - so were 2nd place for the season, but she has had a great time this year.

playing catcher at Metro tournament

with tournament medal and muddy shoes after 3 games on a rainy day

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

It's a busy time of year with school for me and the kids, softball season is almost over and we're all looking forward to summer and swimming and Nana coming to stay from New Zealand.

I made a nice little craft with the kids in my class for them to take home for their Moms for Mother's day.  Another teacher gave me these boxes that a parent had donated.  I painted them at home and then had the kids make a fingerprint ladybug, or some did caterpillars.  On the back I printed a little paper that says "Home is where the heart is, with love and kisses this Mother's day......."
Inside I cut a picture to fit (printed on regular paper) and glued it in using modge podge to seal it.  Then each child put a few Hershey "kissses" inside and wrapped it up.  They were very excited to take these home.

Thomas brought home this cute book, a few things in it like:

My mom can do many things!  I think she's best at
"workig at importint thigs"

My mom is as pretty as a

My mom is smart!  She even knows
"how to teach"

I like to tell my mom
"Shes the best mom in the univers"

And the funny one:
When my mom has free time she likes to
"lay on the couch"

"She is butiful and hugiebel"

To Nana / Mum in New Zealand - Happy Mother's Day!!!
And to my other friends and readers of this blog who are Moms, enjoy your special day.