Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bluebonnets and Strawberries

Finding some bluebonnets is a yearly tradition for us.

These pictures were taken 6 years ago:

And this year:

And another flashback - berry picking 2004:

And all grown up:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

10th birthday party

I'm finally getting to blog pictures from Kate's birthday party over a week ago.  Kate invited 15! of her closest friends, she wanted a sleepover, but I could not stay sane with that many girls for a whole night.  The party was from 6-10 at night instead, so they still had a good long time to play.

birthday flowers

some of the birthday cards

I made these cupcakes and Chris made a chocolate cake, and we had pizza to eat, so overall it was a pretty simple party, but I did have that day off work to organize and get ready for it and I took these pictures before the kids even came home from school that day.

I found this little lantern at Dollar tree, most of the other decorations I got from Hobby Lobby.

A poem Chris wrote for Kate and we had in a little frame, sorry the picture is blurry.

The birthday girl.  The main activity of the party was karaoke outside, with a microphone and small amplifier - sorry neighbors!  I also put bubbles and sidewalk chalk out there, so I was happy to see 10 year olds are not too old for that still!  Our little playhouse got played in the most it ever has too.

A good picture of Kate with her friends.

And sweet little brother who did well for having all of those bossy girls around, he only got his feelings hurt once.  We had one little incident were a girl fell in the pond too, but otherwise a good success of a party.

Thomas' birthday is in May and I will convince him to a simple little family party I think!

And just for my sister, the birthday video: