Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day in the country

Chris' family has a farm and 200 acres of land in east Texas. We spent a relaxing day there yesterday and the kids had fun playing outside and we took a walk down the dirt road. Chris and Thomas did a little more exploring back on the land because Kate was wearing flip flops and not the best for hiking.
We had the big Thanksgiving meal with Chris' aunt, parents and cousins.

they don't make swing sets like they used to

posing for some pictures

even got a rare family picture

Chris' grandfather's truck - 1965 Dodge

Chris' Dad's old truck - 1974 Ford

some fall colors - it is still pretty green in Texas though, winter is still not here yet

this grave marker is one of a group on the side of the dirt road - it is marked Jessie Hendrix, born 1883, died 1884

Monday, November 16, 2009

the San Antonio marathon

About to watch our Dad run a marathon!
early Sunday morning, it's about 7.30am and we've been up since 5am

lots of people, lots of fun

the lead runners

at mile 2 in front of the Alamo

the kids in front of the Alamo - made this the new header picture for a while on the blog. They were arguing and would not pose for the picture.

here's a good happy one though - with Chris' sister Stephanie - she flew down from Chicago to see Chris run

Superman in the wax museum

cool mosaic tile art

looking down to the riverwalk area

Nintendo DS and MP3 player to pass some time

Elvis ran the marathon. This was the "rock and roll marathon" - there were live bands every mile and Chris said along the route there were people out in their yards playing their guitars, high school bands playing etc. After going through downtown and by the Alamo the run went down south of San Antonio and past the other old missions.

Thomas had some toys to play with too.

they weren't really sleeping, just tired - we probably walked 5 or 6 miles around downtown to see various parts of the race

less than a mile to go the kids ran a little with him. The morning was cloudy, but it was humid and when the sun came out it was an 80 degree day. Chris starting feeling nauseous around 20 miles and threw up at 24 miles and after laying down about 10 minutes he was able to get back up and finish. There were several people carried off on stretchers.

Chris finished in 5 hrs, 28 minutes.
This is Rayna and Jonathan - his marathon training team!

family picture at a Mexican restaurant after the race. All sunburnt and tired. We're proud of you Chris!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thrift store Thursday

this bag / purse was not so cheap at $9 but is was new with a Target tag marked $16.99.

the copper jello mould? was 99c, I will probably hang it in my kitchen

and the Pampered Chef little stoneware baker was $1.99 - it probably cost a lot more when it was brand new!

another $1.99 find was this red plaid lampshade, I thought it would look good in Thomas' room with his new red bed

I got this little silver stand a couple of weeks ago at Goodwill, right now it is just collecting dust as you can probably tell from the picture. It will be nice for cookies or cupcakes for a party though, or maybe Christmas ornaments when it is time to pull those out.......

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Sunday, November 1, 2009