Sunday, September 5, 2010

New painted furniture

This new piece was picked up for free! Chris came home on Friday after visiting a friend and said he saw a piece of furniture in his garage that he thought I would like, and he would help me fix it up and did I want to go get it? I am not one to pass up FREE and old furniture, so off we go yesterday and this is what we came home with.......

This came from a set of two built in cabinets.  One was fine with me because our house is newer and there are not many corners anyway that this would work in.  Just like the chest of drawers I painted a few weeks ago, this was very rustic and dirty, but I thought it would look fine cleaned up and painted.  Chris went off to Lowes and bought a piece of panelling to cut and add some boards where some were missing on the back, and I finished cleaning it up and getting it ready to paint.
For the under coat I used the Zinsser paint and primer I've used on many projects now, and for the top coat I used Stonington gray that I've used on painting a couple of our bedrooms.  I'm very happy with how it turned out!  Right now I have Chris' grandmother's fransiscan china in the cabinet.

the knobs (they are a galvanized metal) came off that old chest of drawers.
The doors are missing their glass panels, which we might replace one day, but I like the way it looks open just fine too.

The new cabinet, led to more furniture switching, I brought this table in here from the kitchen and paired it up with my white painted chairs.

I'm thinking this table and the ladder type shelf behind would also look nice painted the gray color.....
So for now we have a "formal dining room". Which we may eat in here some, but it will also make a good homework place in a room with no TV for distraction, or a good monopoly game zone too

And the smaller white circle table ended up back in the kitchen with the black painted chairs.

I do have a little surplus of "stuff" from all my bargain hunting, collecting of late so I'm going to have a garage sale next weekend when my neighborhood has it (we can only do it twice a year).

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