Monday, August 4, 2008

latest yard sale find

I have been watching the yard sales for a long time for a dresser for Kate that looked nice and was not expensive. She is 7 and we have never had a dresser for her, just hung clothes in the closet and had baskets or something else for smaller things.
Anyway, I love the style and size and everything about this dresser I found. I didn't think it was anything really special but there was a mark saying "Henry Link" inside the drawers and on a google search I found this
The dresser I found has 6 drawers (3 and 3)
So apparently this is "vintage 1950s/ 60s" piece. It was $60, but I thought it was a good deal for a solid piece of furniture, I could not even get something basic for that price at IKEA or somewhere like that.

the dresser: vintage meets Hannah Montana and disney princess alarm clock radio

Kate has a small room so here is where her desk is now - in the closet. She seems to like her new little area. We took off the old sliding closet doors and I put a tension shower curtain rod and hung those tab top panels


Tessa said...

$60 is an amazing deal on that dresser! Way to go!

BB said...

It would be interesting to know how many variations of that dresser they made back then... I have had 2 9 drawer versions of it that I refinished and they were the same but slightly different.. some I think are from the 70's because French Provincial was popular then too.. This would have been Master Bedroom material back then.. hahah. They are built so well they will be around forever.