Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy at work

caution, picture heavy post. Lots of pictures from school. My class ranges in age from 2 years, 10 months to 4 years, 7 months. We are not quite the traditional Montessori "3-6" class because this is a new class of children new to the school, or they have moved up from the toddler class. There is a wide range of interests and abilities, but there is always a lot going on and they stay very busy working.

working with the color tablets - box#2


using little tongs to pick up marbles

painting with cue tips

counting glass beads

a creative variation

pouring work - in the big clear bowl (it's a heavy plastic) Inside there is colored (white) sand and colored (orange) rice. They love this activity!

animals from different continents, I downloaded 2 copies from here

language work

science - sink and float

practical life - "bubble making" using a whisk

building with the knobless cylinders

the slightly leaning pink tower (built by one of our 2 year olds)

sorting objects - what belongs in Air, Land and Water. I made these cards from download at this website
another activity from the practical life area - "nesting owls"
play doh - always a favorite

counting shells

working with sandpaper letters and matching objects (we introduce the sounds in groups of 3)

playing the wooden xylophone (my 99c goodwill find I wrote about here )

working with color box 1

drawing on the chalk board

To see more ideas for anyone wanting to plan Montessori activities, 2 of the blogs I visit often:

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I will take some pictures of the classroom layout and how the work is arranged on the shelves soon. I cropped all these pictures to protect the privacy of the little ones in my class

If you're reading please leave a comment and if you have any questions about the activities let me know :)