Friday, March 20, 2009

Chair mini makeover

I am linking this post to a new blog I found today with lots of great home decorating ideas. Her blog is called Homebody Holly

I know it is Friday now and not Thursday but this fits to the thrift store theme.

I have had this chair for a couple of years, we bought it for an extra chair when my Mum came to visit, wow, I guess it was 3 years ago because Kate was turning 5 then, and now she is about to be 8!
The chair cost $9 at an antique/junk store. This is what it looked like earlier today(this picture is actually old, but I forgot to take a real 'before' picture):

and now with new black and white fabric ($4) from Hobby Lobby. I just put it right over the old fabric and cushion and stapled the back, if you look closely the corners are not perfect, but, I love the change.

I like the way it looks white, but I may paint the chair black?

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Holly said...

What a great thrift store find, and I love the new fabric! It looks great. I'm so glad you found my blog, and thanks for linking up with my carnival!