Monday, May 4, 2009

Drop cloth drapes

One of my favorite blogs to read The Lettered Cottage has some great ideas to decorate inexpensively. I wanted to try the drop cloth drapes for upstairs in the kids playroom but there was a window without any curtains in the living room so I tried them there first and I like it so much the kids playroom will have to wait. I got the drop cloths from Wal-mart for $8.97 each.
I just washed, dried and hung them - they probably would look better if I ironed them too

a picture of the main part of this room - the pillow covers are from Pottery barn ($8 on clearance) and so are the fake lemons in the lantern. I also got a tall white candle from Wal-mart to go in there today (not in the picture). I really should have closed the bathroom door before taking this picture. And that piece of wood on the wall was from a baby gate the previous owners had attached there.
The new rug is from Target, not only is it nice and soft underfoot, but it stops the furniture from sliding on the wood floors.

the valances I have on the other side of the room, and also on the kitchen / dining area windows. (Sorry the picture is dark, a lot of light comes in these windows)

I did find the body pillows were on sale for $5 each and I couldn't pass up this cute pillow cover (I love owls and it reminds me of this
collection from Pottery barn kids, so my daughter will be happy she got something for the playroom, perfect for laying on to watch tv.


Julie M. Jackson said...

OMG! Anna, I love it all! Your house looks awesome and your decorating ideas are great! I want to look at that site and try to drop cloth thing, I need to start putting curtains in, I love the way it looks!

Heather said...

Ok I love the drop cloth drapes. I'm SO copying that!! I may even dye mine - hmm - a project for me! Yay!! The house looks great!!

Anna said...

Julie, you will love the Lettered Cottage site, her ideas are very much your style!
I love the way the drop cloths look, they are very natural in color and texture. And they are so easy - just use those ring clips to hang.

Julie M. Jackson said...

I just bought some, I am so excited! ;o)

B.jane said...

I love this!!