Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ready for vacation

eating a cookie by the fire (yes it is 100 degrees outside) - this fireplace burns year round, and is by the ice skating rink in the Memorial city mall in Houston.

They look too grown up in this picture.
We are off on our trip tomorrow - to Disneyland for a few days and then on to New Zealand next week. I should be able to blog some pictures later next week!

Now back to packing - it is not easy - we need some summer clothes for Disney and winter clothes for NZ. And now you have to pay to check luggage so I am trying my best to not have more than 1 bag for each of us.


James ~n~ Amber said...

Wow, can I come to NZ ? I'd love the break from the heat. I live in Crosby, right outside of Houston and I heard the heat index today is 105....yikes !

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

We miss Disneyland! We were there in September and my children still talk about it almost every day. Have a wonderful trip!

~ Sarah

Julie M. Jackson said...

Have a great trip Anna!