Sunday, September 13, 2009

Autumn yet?

No, it is not much cooler yet in Texas, and Chris did roll his eyes a bit when I asked him to get down my boxes of fall decorations from the attic, but I love my cheap white dollar store pumpkins!

This was the wreath the kids made with me last year.

pumpkin in the bathroom....

there's my little white pumpkins, aren't they cute on this pedestal?

a couple of accessories added to the mantel too

So is September too early to start decorating? I do have one more box of stuff but that is more "Halloween" so we'll wait for October to bring that out.


Caro's Thrifty Adventures said...

Just kidding!
But I'm still holding on to the last bits of summer (cause dang, winter is just SO freaking looooooong here in Montreal!)
love your decor though!

cmb77562 said...

...and it's a beautiful home too all because of your taste in decor, too, my dear. It would all be dingy rock posters and white paint without you.



MsHeidi said...

Absolutely not too early to decorate for fall! I always envy those folks who manage to switch out little items like wreaths and mantle pieces with the seasons. Maybe now that I get to start decorating from scratch I too shall be a seasonal decorator! Love the glimpse of the house - will have to plan a Saturday or Sunday outing for a visit!