Sunday, October 24, 2010

Long time, no blog.....

Hi there, life has been crazy busy lately, school and kids and homework and fall softball season.  I didn't forget about my little blog here, hopefully I will get back to posting a little more regularly again soon.

Here is a couple of yard sale purchases / finds I have come up with in the last couple of weeks.

Number 1 - I got this FREE Pottery Barn corner chair.  One night I told Chris I was going to Starbucks but really I went to pick up this chair.  I guess it is really meant to be part of a sectional sofa but it works fine on it's own and is very comfy.
Kate (9) said "I wonder why someone would give it away for free, maybe they put all their dandruff on it!"  Oh well it seems very clean to me and the lady giving it away said she was just clearing out space for her grandmother moving in, and she was giving it for free because it was missing one of the side pillows.  I have plenty of pillows so no problem there.

The little ladder you can slightly see in the side of the picture I got at a garage sale for $2 and painted light blue.  The pillows on the corner chair I've had a long time from IKEA.

The lemon pillows on the couch are from Pottery barn (the covers on sale, the down inserts from IKEA), and the other long lumber pillows are from Marshalls.  I got some birthday money and a Marshalls gift card and I spent it all on pillows!  Anyway this is where I sit at the end of the day when I come home from work and the kids do their homework at the coffee table most of the time, so we have lots of comfort and pillows :)

The other project just completed today was a full size bed I bought for Kate's room.  I got the head board and footboard for $30 at a yard sale.  It looked like this to begin with:

And now it looks like this:

She wants new bedding which will come eventually, but for now what we had looks fine.  
The bed I primed and then painted light gray, so it is a little contrast to the white walls in her room.

I love how this bed turned out.  To buy something new like this would be very expensive so I love turning something vintage into something fresh and new.
Here is one for comparison price:

$499 from The Land of Nod

Ok, I think I have a few more things to blog about soon, so there is a little update for now.

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Chris B. said...

That chair really does tie the room together. Love the bed, good for reading Dr. Suess Shel Silverstein, judy blume et al.

Joselyn said...

I see I'm not the only one working on beds! Nice job!

Cindy said...

Okay let's see. I love the tree pillow, the gray Jenny Lind bed (isn't it nice to see how much you saved), the blue ladder and the free chair. Oh, and I love the mason jars in the last post. Great job on everything!!!!

Elle {SWITCHEROOm} said...

I love the new bed! and yeah, very reminiscent of that $500 bed frame! Great job on finding and refinishing it! Looks quaint :D