Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thrifty Treasures

I have a couple of new things to share - this patio set was a FREE find - one of our neighbors had this out by the curbside a couple of weeks ago.  It has a few rust spots - I need to touch up the chairs with some black spray paint.  I had some white paint that I sprayed the table top with.
Molly approves

And yesterday I got this nice table / desk from a yard sale for $20.  I am using it in Thomas' room for a bedside table.

I'm sharing this on Rhoda's blog Southern Hospitality :

The good and the bad of this week

The good - I took a day off work and got to go with Thomas on his class field trip to the zoo:

The bad, we had to have our sweet cat Ally put to sleep - she had been hit by a car and had too many injuries to fix. We are just happy we found her and were able to say goodbye, even though that was very sad. We will miss her so much.

Ally was a good and loyal cat, she was wild and loved the outdoors and eating lizards and more, but she was also very loving and followed us everywhere - down the road to the mail box, walking with the kids to the bus stop, and she was always here waiting for us when we came home, so it is so different to drive up and her to not be here anymore.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gray paint, again.......

Last weekend I bought more gray paint and painted our bedroom too. I think this is my new favorite paint color (Stonington gray).

This is the first before picture, just a few days after we moved in last April - still a lot of boxes to unpack.  Wall color was a sage green.

here is take 2 - a few things on the wall, and new lamps.

and now today - clean and simple - the upper part before the white molding around the tray ceiling I painted "china white" it is an off white with a little gray in it.  The main wall color is Stonington gray.

I switched out this picture I had in the living room with the other tiles I had above the bed before.

And I have no curtains right now, just the mini blinds for privacy at night - during the day I love the green of the trees and the view of our yard.