Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thrifty Treasures

Hi there, life is busy around here right now.  The kids and I have 2.5 weeks more of school, it's a busy time of year. 

I've had some good luck with garage sales the last few weeks.
This was my favorite find from yesterday.  It is hard to tell from this before picture, but the top was pretty scratched up and the little decorative finial had been chewed by a dog or something.

After priming and painting my favorite soft gray.......

I found this chair at Goodwill a few weeks ago for $6.99.  I was going to paint it yesterday, but I don't have any fabric to re-do the seat, so I'm going to wait until I can finish the whole project.

I really love this green pot - it is marked California pottery, and it was only 25c!

It's hanging out on my mantel with my owl cookie jar and my little white milk glass vase collection.

And I got this milk glass candy holder yesterday for $1.  When Chris and I were antique shopping later in the afternoon I saw one almost just the same for $16!

One more thing (sorry bad light in this picture) - this little cabinet was only $5.99 at Goodwill, it was pretty messed up with the veneer peeled off the top and ugly knobs.  I painted it and found some extra vintage hardware leftover from other projects. 
It makes a great little cabinet for the kids' VCR and DVD player and with space for movies below.

What great treasures have you found lately?

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Paula said...

You found some great things! I would have bought that CA pottery planter in a snap. Love it! I also love milk glass and have some similar pieces.

Enjoy the last few weeks of school. We have 13 days (but who's counting). :)

Pam said...

Great finds. Love the California Pottery bowl.

Anonymous said...

You have been very busy. Love the legs on your table and I even like the original green fabric on your old dining chair.
Isn't it rewarding to buy something dirt cheap and then see it in an antique store with a high price tag!

Debbie-- said...

Thanks for stopping by refreshrestyle, I am following you now! Can't wait to see what you do!

KellyH said...

I love that table. Looks great in Gray! Very Nice and the milk glass and the planter. What great finds! Oh and I want your Cookie Jar!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Your table turned out great.

KK said...

Good picking Anna. I would have bought each item that you did! I love how you set up your vinettes. The green ceramic pot looks gorgeous with your milk glass collection. It looks like the little cabinet used to be part of a vanity. That piece could be used in many places. I love storage that is pretty.

KK said...

And your chair looks very similar to mine. I love the caning and leg detail.

All That Glitters said...

Awesome finds girl!!! I'm terrible at painting! Looks really good!

Holly said...

Love that cute little table! What brand/color is the paint?
The chair has so much potential; it's going to look great!