Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Goodbye Oak tree

We had a beautiful old oak tree, but this summer after our New Zealand trip we came back and the leaves were brown.  We thought it was the drought that killed it, there are many many dead trees around the Houston area.  We got it cut down last week.  Sad to see it come down, even though we have more trees, that old one was special.  Chris counted the rings (see picture below).

the tree guy climbing the tree, it had a huge trunk and then branched off into two bigger sections

it had already started shedding it's branches and bark, with the help of many woodpeckers and squirrels

 the bare branches

not an easy job

 afterwards.....  Chris has a friend who wants this for firewood

the tree guy said the tree actually died from a fungus, not the drought as we thought

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Anonymous said...

Goodbye poor oak tree. We hardly knew ye..