Saturday, August 25, 2012

New, very pink find

Last week on facebook I noticed this dresser for sale.  It was already super bright coral pink, but needed some work as it had been used as a tool chest by the owner; Jen from Metamorphose Upholstery and Furniture.  She was auctioning it off and I was lucky enough to have the winning bid - $40.  It really was a great deal, it has 9! drawers and only one of the drawers needed some work re-attaching some wood to the back.  She even gave me some extra paint, so today I cleaned it off and touched up the paint, and then gave it a clear coat of poly to protect the paint.

I added some wallpaper to the drawers for the final finishing touch.

It looks great in Kate's room with her blue walls.

 And it is a perfect match to the New York picture that was already hanging in that spot.
Lots of storage and lots of space on the top for all the stuff that girls gather.

I brought in this low coffee table I wasn't using downstairs anymore and made a bench seat for when she has friends over.  We already had this quilt too and see some of the squares are also a perfect match for the new dresser.

I finally gave in a few weeks ago and let her get a poster, her beloved One Direction, and this is about as good as it gets for a made bed.

Kate's other green dresser is a very similar style and it is now in her closet for storing clothes.

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Jennifer said...

I love it!!!

Pamela said...

Anna I LOVE this!!! How awesome to get this piece! I always loved it in Jenn's work space.