Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday

I am participating in "Thriftstore Thursday" at Homebody Holly's blog. Click the link above to see more.

Here's a few things I picked up this week:
The green fabric drawers were $3.99 (will use this to organize in my office)
Disneyland book .97c
basket .50c
little glass pitcher and jar - .79c and .50c (will be for my classroom in the fall for practical life work)
brass candlestick .25c
basket .50c

Another little project in the kitchen. I used some baskets I'd picked up at Goodwill and garage sales to help organize the pantry.


and after. I used plastic baskets for the oils, syrup etc, and baskets for most everything else

To see some other garage sale finds from last weekend see this post.


Kayleen said...

Your little green drawers are so cute! Great deals!

Holly said...

Good deals! I really like the green drawers, and the pantry looks great! My pantry would be ashamed to show its face.
Your garage sale finds are fantastic too! Thanks so much for joining TST :)

Jensen's est. 2005 said...

those green drawers are really cute!