Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday

The first two things I got from our local "online" yard sale. The items are listed, usually with pictures, then you just e-mail the seller and arrange to pick up the item.

This lamp was brand new and never been used, it was $10.

This footstool I was thinking about painting it and recovering the cushion like Centsational Girl did in THIS post, but when I picked it up I found that the seat part was wicker, the wood was in good shape the color goes with other pieces of furniture I have, SO I will leave it as is for now and it is just sitting in my front living room which we don't really use for anything yet, but I am slowly filling it up with my yardsale and goodwill finds!

This little brass container I got at a garage sale for $1 I think. I liked the pedestal feet and the shape and pattern on the side.

I spray painted it with satin ivory color paint. I hadn't spray painted metal before and I don't know what I did wrong, or if it was the brand of paint, but it was very 'drippy' so the after picture is the better side. I still like the way it turned out.

It looks good in my kitchen with the newly painted cabinets, but it is sitting in my office / junk collection area on this little shelf I keep scrapbooking papers in. So it may end up being a container for scissors and other supplies, or maybe go in a bathroom with a couple of washclothes and some soap in. Any other ideas?


Traci said...

Oh, I would use it in my laundry room and put dryer sheets in it.

IF you are a scrapbooker, possibly all your scissors....

If you glued a thick candlestick to it, you could use it for appetizers....small punch bowl, chip bowl....ok, it is PRETTY just as it is also...tee hee!

Holly said...

That's a pretty good deal for a nice lamp! I like the brass planter much better with your paint job! If you had problems with the finish, it might help to use a primer first on metal.

Barb said...

Love the little container painted white.
not sure why paint was drippy.
Too close when spraying?
Metal is not like wood so that might have been it.

barbara jean

Jenny said...

Great finds! That lamp is so pretty!