Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Chris / Dad / Daddy,
We miss you but are glad you got home safe.
We hope you have a calm and happy Sunday at home and have some Tex-Mex food and think of us.

Happy Father's Day!  You are the best Dad in the world.
See you in 3 weeks.

Love Anna, Kate and Thomas

Chris had to get back home this weekend.  His flight out of New Zealand was cancelled due to volcanic ash from the volcano eruption in South America.  They put him on another airline to fly to Hong Kong (10 hour flight) and then to Los Angeles (14 hour flight).  So a trip that usually takes 24 hours took 48 hours.
I hope the ash clears away and we don't have any problems when me and the kids head home to Texas.

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