Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here we are in NZ

Summer holidays for the kids and me and we are spending 5 weeks of it here in New Zealand.

Kate decorated the chalkboard at home before we left.

On our way we went to Dallas and spent a night and took the kids to this Lego place at the Grapevine mall.  Kids had lots of fun.

24 hours later we arrived to nice temperatures and still a lot of Autumn colors (going into winter here).
Kate is standing under a Ginkgo tree at the park across from my parents' house.

More updates to come!


Sarah said...

so glad to hear you guys made it there safely! i love that pics with kate & the tree :) have a wonderful time.

Bonnie @ The Boatwright Family said...

Have a great, great trip! Can't wait to see more photos!