Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Painted bathroom

On my "to do" list this summer is some painting around the house.  I started a couple of weeks ago painting the downstairs bathroom, just my favorite gray color and fresh white paint on the baseboards.  The kids bathroom has been the same since we moved in with no updates except for adding knobs to the cabinets.

When asked their opinion, their biggest request is NOT GRAY!   and NOT WHITE!   I guess I have been painting most everything those colors?

I found this picture below on Pinterest a couple of days ago, image originally from here

Pinned Image

I loved the color of this painted cabinet, but as to their request of not white walls, I gave Thomas my Sherwin williams paint fan deck, and the card he picked included the color "Grand canal" which was similar to the color in the picture above.
For the wall color I went with the lightest shade on the card - called "Buoyant blue".

Here are some BEFORE pictures, just a pretty boring bathroom, white cabinets and gold color walls.

(sorry, not the best pictures, no natural light in here, it looks much better in person, but you should get the idea)

fun new shower curtain from Target.  The other things on the wall I just moved in here from other places in the house.

I had the paint mixed in this paint which I've used before on furniture (a lady at Lowes told me one time this was good paint for furniture).  I am going to also give the cabinet a coat of polyacrylic to seal it even better

and here's my downstairs gray bathroom.  Painting on the wall from a garage sale, vintage towel from Goodwill and vintage Haegar planter

SW6488 Grand Canal
SW6488 Grand Canal


Pamela said...

Anna that turned out perfect! I love the color you chose!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

WOW, anna! the color looks AWESOME! and so good with that shower curtain!! what a huge improvement!