Thursday, October 1, 2009

Decorating dilemmas party

I need a few ideas for decorating in my bedroom, I really like the space, wall color etc and don't want to make any big changes, just want some ideas for bedding colors, art work or other things to hang on the walls. In the next 6 months or so I can probably talk my husband into changing the ceiling fan / light fixture.

I just got these wall tiles from Southern living at home - they were one of my "free" items for having a party. Should I hang them higher, or a different way?

The tables are some we've had several years from IKEA, they serve their purpose well but I could keep my eyes out at goodwill and yard sales for some other end tables to refinish - or could paint these ones, black or white???

The lamps are pretty new - I got them from Home goods and I love them.

They are pillow shams from pottery barn that are makeshift table cloths right now. Not sure if you can see the print on the them but I like that fabric.

The white square mirror was an old southern living at home item I got from my friend Julie
the other side of the room - this ikea CD chest which is our TV stand in here. We have had this a long time and it has always been unfinished pine like this, any thought on painting it, what color or stain??

and another picture that was on my camera when I took these ones.......

This last week I found this blog post on black painted beds

Any thoughts on painting the bed / or other simple / cheap decor I could use in the room?

SO, I'll take any free advice I can get, thanks for visiting my blog if this is your first time here.
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Nadir @ Hodgepodge said...

Hi Anna, thanks for visiting my blog. Unfortunately we received a firm "No" from our landlord when it came to repainting the bathroom, so that's not an option.

I think your bed & CD chest might look nice in a dark brown/chocolate stain or possibly even black. And some neutral bedding that compliments the wall color too. It's a lovely shade. Thanks again for your comment, I hope you come by again soon! Take care.

Kristy said...

Visiting from Serenity Now...

I love black painted furniture, and with all the white in your bedding, you can definitely get away with it! So I'm all for painting the bed black, though if you did, I would move the wall tiles up a bit on the wall.

I'm currently keeping my eyes open for nightstands that have enclosed storage on the bottom - I have a lot of books and such on mine, too, and want to be able to cover that up a little.

I would either paint or stain the TV stand something a bit fun, though I'm not sure what to suggest as a color - are there any other accent colors you want to bring into the room? Maybe add some fun pillows to your bed, and choose a color from there?

linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Hi there! Visint from Amanda's blog. Umm, I would hang all the tiles in a straight line. I think it is a cleaner look. Looks like you have a good palette to work with. Can't wait to see what you do!

cmb77562 said...

I think your husband would be happy to put up a light fixture for you anytime, darling. Just use your Lowe's card. I think the room needs a new door myself, I'm tired of looking at that cracked door.

Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

Aw, is that your hubby right before me? Good man!!
I like the SLAH wall tiles, I agree with the other comment, I think they are hung at the right height, I would just re-hang the center one a little higher so that it's centered between the other two.

I like the idea of painting the bed and cabinet either black or dark brown. I recently painted y bathroom cabinetry a dark brown. It was really easy and turned out great. I'll be posting about it in the next day or two.

For the side tables, I think it might beef them up a bit to treat them as decorator tables with floor length round table cloths in a fairly heavy fabric (or maybe jump on the burlap bandwagon?) and then either use the shams as toppers on the tables over the florr-length skirts or use them as shams on the bed. I also love the lamps! I'm looking for some similar ones for my bedside tables!

Good luck!

Mandy said...

Is that a ledge around the top of your room, or is it two layers of molding?
If it's molding, I'd paint it white between - it will make it look SUPER expensive!
I'd go with black for the bed and for the side tables, but I'd try to find one different side table, even if you just switch it out with something from somewhere else in the house. I'd also switch out one lamp for something different. I think it looks so much nicer when they don't match. Maybe that's just me...
For bedding colors I think a champagne or a mocha color would look awesome with your wall color (and against a black bed!)
I love this one

Or, this one seems to match the pillow cases you're using as table cloths - very pretty and I love the brown throw pillow they have with it in the picture!

Good luck!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi, Anna! Thanks for linking up. :)

I really like the color of the wall you chose. :) It's nice for a bedroom...looks softer and soothing.

After checking out the link you posted, I'm gonna hop on the black bed bandwagon. I think it would be nice in that room.

I like your nice, white comforter (or duvet?) do you keep it so nice? It's gorgeous. I think you could use maybe one oblong/rectangular pillow at the head of the bed in front of your two shams...maybe something in an unexpected pattern to coordinate with your color scheme. Also, maybe a throw to casually drape across the bottom of the bed.

I agree with the others about moving the middle tile up a bit so it is centered. (Those are really neat!!!)

LOVE your lamps. If you want to change things up a bit, Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful has a great post on her blog about dressing lamps up. I've seen her take a wide ribbon and wrap it like a bow around the center of the lampshade.

I think your nightstands and the little cabinet would be great white with black hardware.

I'm not sure how much space you have on the wall with the neat little mirror, but if you are ever able to find a neat storage piece/buffet/bookshelf, that might be nice there...maybe in black???

I think some black frames with black and white photos of your kids or family would be nice somewhere too.

I think you have a great room. :)

Thanks again for linking up...hope you'll join again. :)

Anna said...

thanks for all the ideas so far! I appreciate it :)

TheOldPostRoad said...

Wow, are you brave! I know my rooms need work, but can't handle the advice that might seem like criticism!

The walls look great and the white comforter gives you a nice background. Like the lamps, but they may need a little more height - maybe on some books on the tables.

Thanks for linking to my black beds post - your bed would look great in black. The primary thing your room needs is some color at the foot of the bed and as pillow shams. Layer the pillows - keep the white in the middle of a layer of three pillows - place two Euroshams behind (colorful) and two smaller pillows - solids - but colorful, in front (total of six pillows in sets of twos). Then lay a coordinating quilt or duvet at the foot of the bed (folded). Here is a cute pottery barn quilt - but it may not match your walls - you can always search ebay for pottery barn or find an outlet or just find something similar. A duvet would also work (even though it seems like two large comforters - if one is folded, the white one is not overpowering.)

here is one more pottery barn idea:

I would also run to target and get a large painting or mirror to put over the bed in place of the small black things. Or else intermingle some white plates hanging on the wall with the black things. - to add some "round" to the squares and diamonds.

Good luck!

TheOldPostRoad said...

Okay - just looked, again - I was wrong about the lamps not being high enough , they are. Just remove the fabric on the tabletop and paint the nightstands, too.

That's all! (Please don't make me look at my own rooms, now!!!)

Atticmag said...

Visiting from Amanda's party...

I'm curious why you don't use the pillow shams that are on the nightstands on your bed? The color would look lovely.

I would have that wonderful hubby of yours cut you a round plywood top for those nightstands and then drape them in a yummy fabric. That would serve two functions - make your tables larger and give you extra (hidden) storage beneath the fabric.

Also, the white mirror looks a bit lonesome on that wall. Maybe you could incorporate it into the grouping you now have over your bed (?)

Thanks for your visit! Jane

Delightful Dwelling said...

I have to agree with the others that a black bed and dresser/tv stand are the way to go. I thought that same thing even before I read the other posts.

I would maybe hang the art above the bed higher since you seem to have tall ceilings. I would also add some more pillows to your bed with green, white, and/or black in them. It looks a little plain with all the white bedding. I love your wall color though, very pretty.

Ann said...

I know I'm a little late, but yes, paint the bed black and distressed a little. Then, something bigger above the bed-- perhaps somehow connecting the 3 pieces to make one. Window treatments in a bamboo shade to add a bit of warm color, and try out those burlap curtains made of drop cloths! The look fab! Perhaps with some nice trim on them. As for the bedside tables, they are scaled too small... what if you put a larger round top on them to increase the size up top and then skirted them with a fabric coordinated with the curtain and bedding? There are some great ideas out there in blogland with that burlap trend. Good luck! You have a good start! Check out for inspiration-- love their new stuff....

Heather@PixieDust said...

I would paint the soffit(?) white so that it looks like really thick crown moulding.