Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lightening up - Painting the kitchen

So I went back to work on Monday, but I had been thinking of painting the rest of the kitchen for a while and so last weekend I finished the project before I would not have the time or energy to get it done . I do not have after pictures yet, maybe tomorrow if I can get them taken when I get home and if the light is still good, if not, then for sure I will get some good pictures on Saturday.

I painted the kitchen cabinets back in June, and added the cabinet hardware, and although I am a fan of brown, this dark chocolate brown really was still making the room dark

here is a look at a little paint on the walls, so just imagine it now, but just don't look at all the mess on the counter, when you start a project like this, it seems like there is no time for much of anything else - I worked on painting most of last Thursday, then Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

So, check back soon for the after pictures!

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Matt and Ashlee said...

I can't wait to see the afters! Everyone loves a kitchen makeover!!
Alot of people talk about Homegoods, but that is one that we don't have around us ;(